For 15 summers, I sat on the rocks of Schoodic Point on the coast of Maine, mesmerized by the power and majesty of the rocks and sea.  I am interested in the structure of these rocks after they have been tossed about by the force of water, and I am fascinated by the forces of water unleashed in that place.

In my paintings, I try to relive this experience and preserve my memories of being there.

“Schoodic Remembered” oil on canvas   24” x 30”

“Schoodic Remembered I”  oil on canvas  24” x 30”

“Schoodic Point Imagined”  oil on canvas  24” x 30”

“Impression”  oil on canvas  24” x 30”

“Stillness”  oil on canvas  24” x 18”

“Schoodic Reimagined II”  oil on canvas   24” x 30”

“Schoodic Remembered III”  oil on canvas  24” x 30”

Schoodic Point XI”  oil on canvas   41” x 44 1/4”

“Schoodic Point XII”  oil on canvas  32” x 40”

“Schoodic Point XXI”  oil on canvas   36” x 42”

“Schoodic Point XXIII”  oil on canvas  36” x 44”

“Schoodic Point XXII”  oil on canvas  30 1/2” x 40"