My art has always reflected my love of nature.  I am interested in the experience of being in nature and use photography to record my experience.  I use photography to explore the forms of nature.  I look for a different way of seeing, hoping to reveal the beauty and mystery I find in all things.

I have always loved antique photography as well, with its softness and mood, and being involved in the process of creating images.  Tintypes, to me, express that sense of memories and the past.

Sally Russell

“Wetlands 6”  tintype 12” x 15”

“Wetlands 7”  tintype 12” x 15”

“Wetlands 3 revisited” tintype 12” x 15”

“Wetlands 1”  tintype  12” x 15”

“Wetlands 2 revisited”  tintype 12” x 15”

“Wetlands 14”  tintype  12” x 15”

“Wetlands 16”  tintype  12” x 15”

“Grain Elevator”  tintype  12” x 15”

“Pizza Factory”  tintype  12” x 15”

“Merrett’s Grocery”  tintype  12” x 15”

“Rt. 1A & 27”  tintype  12” x 15”

“Abandoned Places”  tintype  12” x 15"